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''Love Story''

By: Katie A.
Louisiana, Age 11

In another world, an immortal goddess named Hillary lived in the country where there were lots of animals and beautiful plants. Her hair was brown and tangled. She also has green eyes. Hillary's skin was a caramel color, and she had a scar on her cheek. She was the goddess of animals and nature.
One day,Hillary was looking at pictures. It reminded her of always wanting to get married. She said to herself,''I can picture me walking down the aisle toward my soon to be husband!'' But, Hillary didn't want just any person for a husband, she wanted a mortal. She snuck out the house in disguise because her dad always wanted to know where she was going.
She found a guy and bumped into him on purpose. They both apologized and introduced themselves. The boy's name was Kyle. After a long talk, she was surprised to learn Klye believed in immortals. Months went by and Kyle asked Hillary to marry him. She thought of her dad,Philip, and brought Kyle to the immortal world. Philip asked Kyle lots of questions. Philip asked Kyle,''What is Hillary's favorite color?''
''Green I think.'',guessed Kyle.
''Very good. Next question. What pet does Hillary want?'' Philip said.
Kyle answered,''That's easy! She wants a parrot.''
''Okay. Last question. When is her birthday?''
''Janurary 22nd!'' exclaimed Klye.
Philip paused, then said, ''Congratulations! You can marry my daughter.''
They got married, had a son, named Kyle Jr., and were happy.