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''How Butterflies Came to Be''

By: J'Quasha C.
Louisiana, Age 12

Long ago in a royal palace, there lived a young twelve year old girl named Jakia. Jakia thought that unlike the other girls she wasn't beautiful. She would imagine running through the meadows as pretty as can be.
One day Jakia was walking in the palace when she stopped to talk to a chef.
''Hello,''said the chef.
''Hi,''Jakia replied.
''I love to cook.I do it all the time at home. I'm so good at cooking I can make the best dish of all time,''added Jakia.
The chef replied,''I think the most amazing cook is Aphrodite and no one can beat her tasty food.''
''I would compete her anytime. Through hail,sleet,and snow,''Jakia said furiously.
All of a sudden, the chef changed into Aphrodite. Jakia was so shocked she did not know what to do or say.
''So you can beat me in a cooking contest? Well how about this Friday we compete? It will be in the middle of the palace by the church,''said Aphrodite with a grin on her face.
Friday finally came and Jakia just knew she was going to win. Aphrodite was waiting at her table. Everything was set out and people surrounded the area. Jakia went to her table and turned to Aphrodite to say something.
''If I win,I would like to be a beautiful young girl,''announced Jakia.
''And if you lose?''replied Aphrodite.
''I don't know.You decide,''Jakia said with a slight grin on her face.
The contest began and they started cooking. Jakia was looking so confident and was moving swiftly. They both finished their dishes,so it was time for the judges to deliberate.
''Well,we have made our decision,''said the judge with the big nose.
''And the person we choose is Aphrodite,''said the big nose man.
Jakia was so furious that she had lost. She thought for sure she was going to win. Aphrodite was jumping with joy.
''Ha,I defeated you!''shouted Aphrodite.
''Yeah you did,so I guess I have to stay the ugly girl for the rest of my life,''replied Jakia with a gloomy look.
Aphrodite stopped jumping abd said to herself''I don't want this girl to feel bad about herself.''
Jakia headed back towards her house. Before you knew it,she was gone. Everyone was so amazed when they say a big,beautiful,yellow butterfly fluttering in the air. Well that butterfly was Jakia and this is how butterflies came to be.