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''Season Granted''

By: Jaelin B.
Louisiana, Age 12

Long ago, in a beautiful,windy forest there was a girl named Jaryto.She lived in a hut with her mother and father.One day her parents got really sick and died.She was so very sad she would cry herself to sleep every night.
When she was twenty-one,she met this man that was very handsome.She found out his name was Jonah.Eventually,they got married and had a daughter named Charlia.Their daughter was very beautiful like her mother.
One day Jaryto went walk in the mountains to relieve her stress from taking care of Charlia.She found this really dark cave in the mountains.Then she heard this roar that came from the back of the cave.Out came a beast with a dragon's body and lion's head.It told her''I am Zorhn!Now that you have awakened me ,I will attack you.Now!'',Zorhn made a quick attack and made a scar on Jaryto's arm with his claws.All of sudden ,her sun necklace struck him with harsh sun rays. The rays were so intense that Zorhn was black as burnt food.She checked to see if he was still alive,but he wasn't .Zorhn was dead.Her husband was amazed at this story when she told him.He believed her at the end.
A few years later,Jaryto was very sick.Before she died she wanted Charlia to have her sun necklace for protection.Before yuo knew it she was gone.
One day while Charlia was in the meadows,a creature flew from yhe sky.It started to move and Charlia recognized who it was.It was Zorhn.Charlia thought he was dead from his previous battle with her mother Zorhn wanted to battle charlia,but Charlia said''I don't want to battle you.,''Zorhn said ''We will battle and thats final!,''Charlia asked for help from the gods above to defeat Zorhn.Her wish was granted.When Zorhn was about to attack her,her necklace blasted out the strongest rays ever.All was left of Zorhn was ashes.She noticed that it was brighter and and hotter than before.Thats how summer came to be from that battle.