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''God's Wouldn't let their Daughters Married''

By: McKenzie D.
Louisiana, Age 12

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kenzie. She lived with her father in a kingdom at eighteen years old. Kenzie had long hair, short in height,bright skin ,smart,and very nice.She had a birthmark on her neck. Kenzie had this problem. She wanted to get married, but her father wouldn't let her get a boyfriend or husband.She begged him. ''Father,please let me get married!'' she said. But her father said, ''No, your not getting married at this age.'' Kenzie wanted to shout and yell at him. Kenzie began to cry,yell,and shout at her father.He got mad at her. He said, ''As the god of this kingdom, I may punish you for all this nonsense.'' Then a boy showed up at the kingdom. The god saw him and said,.''This is the boy you want to marry?''The boy name was Micheal.'' Then Kenzie said ''Yes father,that's who I want to married.'' Her father got happy about Micheal's loyalist and said ''You may marry this handsome boy, but come visit me everyday.''He must be loyal and hoest to you at all times.''Kenzie finally got married to the loyal boy. Kenzie loved his looks and his peronality.