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''The Love Story''

By: Krystian B.
Louisiana, Age 11

Aprodite the goddess of love and beauty,was picking flowers with her daughter.It was a beautiful day.Aphrodite spent a lot of time with her daughter.Aphrodite went into the meadow to pick flowers.Aphrodite came across Persius wandering in the meadow.He said,''Who has given you such beauty?''Aphrodite said,''I am Aphrodite,goddess of love and beauty,and the daughter of Zeus,who are you?''''I am Persius the god of the Underworld,will you ,Aphrodite, accept my hand in marrige?''Aphrodite looked surprised.Swiping his hand away, she replied,''I shall not accept your hand in marrige.For I love the heart of someone else.''Aphrodite ran off without another word. Persius was heart broken.After a while,he said,''If I shall be heart broken,so shall she.When the sun sets,I will take her daughter Diana.''With that last word.Persius' minions prepared his chariot. Aphrodite searched for her daughter Diana.She could not find her.Aphrodite went to Zeus and cried,''Father Persius has taken Diana to the Underworld.Please help me get her back.''Zeus looked frightened,then he said,''I shall help you get her back,but if she has eaten food of the Underworld she shall return for half the year.''Aphrodite turned and left with tears in her eyes.

With her daughter gone,Aphrodite didn't care about her beauty.She looked terrible.Narcissus came to Aphrodite and said,''With such beauty,why do you look like this?''Aphrodite fell in love with Narcissus the moment she laid eyes on him.

In the Underworld,Persius said,''Eat these three red grapes and I shall return you to your mother.''Diana ate the grapes then said,''Now you must return me.''Persius and Diana climbed onto his chariot.

When Aphrodite saw Diana,she smiled with pleasure.Diana told her what happened and she told her that she ate the grapes.Aphrodite looked disappointed.Aphrodite said,''You have eaten food of the Underworld.Now you must return for half the year to the Underworld.''So every half year,Diana returns to the Underworld.When Diana returns to the Underworld,Aphrodite is depressed and doesn't care about her beauty.

Ahrodite goes to Zeus and asks him,''Father is there anyway you can get Diana back for the whole year?''Zeus shook his head in pity,then says,''I cannot she has eaten food of the Underworld so she must return for half the year.''Aphrodite looked dissatisfied.She left without another word.Zeus wanted to help her,but he couldn't.

Zeus decided to have a foot race.Aphrodite and Persius had a foot race the next day.Aphrodite won and got Diana back for the whole year.