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'' The Big Batlle''

By: Deondre P.
Louisiana, Age 11

One sunny day in Mount Olympus, there was a new kid moving in. His name was Manny and he had the power of water. Manny asked his mother if he could go outside and make some new friends,but when he went outside, he saw some kids without powers being bullied by a tall, buff kid.His name was Blaze and guessing by his name Manny already knew what his power was. When he heard Manny's footsteps he quickley turned around. When Blaze saw Manny Blaze blasted Manny with fire and he flew . The kids got away and went get Manny's parents. His parents cured him and he went back to fight Blaze. He was still there but before Manny said a word Blaze challenged him to a battle. They went to the back of the mountian where there was acres of land. Before Manny knew it. Someone shouted ''go''! Then Manny saw a big blast of fire coming at him so he shot water at it.It got very foggy so Manny started blasting in every direction when the fog disappeard ,Blaze was on the ground.It appears that Manny washed him out. When Manny got his healing medicine out and cured Blaze, it took one hour for him to wake up. When Blaze woke up,he said he was sorry for blasting Manny with fire .Manny also said he was sorry for knocking Blaze out and they became best friends.From then on, Manny and Blaze shared their power with other humans. That's how water and fire came to be on Earth.