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''The Hatred''

By: Brandon E.
Louisiana, Age 11

In the palace of the great Greek gods there is a hatred between two.The god Beezy has a terrible hatred over the god Hades because Hades killed his child.Now Beezy wants revenge.
So Beezy went to the king of the gods, Zeus and said,'' I wish to battle you brother and make him pay for killing my child.'' Zeus laughed and replied,''As you wish young god. I will have the fire god make you weapons.'' Then Beezy went back to his throne.

The next day, Beezy went to the fire god's forges and asked,'' Do you have my weapons so I can blast him into oblivion?'' the god replied,'' Yes. Zeus told me to make them. They're in your hand.'' Beezy looked into his hands and saw chain swords the size the size of a bull dog. When he looked at his back, a beautiful black sword from the river Styx was on it. Beezy said, ''Thanks. I'll be sure to give you thanks when I defeat him.'' The god replied, ''Yeah. Yeah. Yeah!''

Beezy went to the Underworld and kidnapped PErsephone. Then he got back where he realized Hades was ready for battle. Hades said,''You'll pay for doing this to me!'' Beezy replied,''We'll see.'' Then, they began to battle.

Hades was extremly quick and his ax was huge. Beezy used his chain swords and knocked the ax out of Hades' hand. Hades called for his friends, Beezy threw the sword of the river Styx and they were done in one blow. Hades was about to get his ax but Beezy ran toward him with his chain swords and put both of them in his body. The battle was over.

Hades started to breath very slowly and Beezy told him,'' You have killed my child, so I want you to be my slave forever or these sword will be in your body again.'' Hades replied,'' I'll never bow down to you, you're a disgrace to the gods.'' Beezy got furious and ran to get his black sword but when he turned back Hades was gone. This hatred will never end.