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By: Perry Y.
Louisiana, Age 12

''What has come to Greece today,brother?Zeus,the God of the Sky said.''What do you mean?''Poseidon,the God of the Sea asked.''Someone has been telling stories about the Gods,''Zeus said''we must find him.''I will help you brother,as long as you promise no mortal gets hurt.''Poseidon said.Zeus didn't answer.Meanwhile down in Ancient Greece,a boy named Mythious,was very well known for telling great stories,stories he called myths.Everyone loved his stories from child to adult.One day while trying to clear his head,Poseidon went for a swim,and heard Myhtious telling these stories.Poseidon rushed to Mount Olympus to tell Zeus.''Brother,I have found the person who has been telling stories about us.'' Poseidon said,''So who is tho that is speaking about us?''Zeus asked.''His name is Mythious.I heard one of the mortals shout his name.''Poseidon said.''We must kill him,and destroy Greece so no one can hear of these stories.''Zeus said.''We can't.What about Mount Olympus?''Poseidon asked.''I will cast a spell upon it so it won't be damaged.''''But we can't kill the boy.''''Why not?''''Mythious is my son.''''Then have pity on your son because he will be the reason for Greece's demolition.''Zeus said,''Are you blaming my son for this?''''Yes,brother,I am.''''Brother,I have been very loyal to you,and it pains me to say that I will never obey you again.I would rather fight you than to see you kill my son.''Poseidon said.''As you wish''Zeus said.They began to fight,and that caused nearly every natural disaster in Greece.It caused earthquakes,toradoes,and hurricanes.Zeus and Poseidon continued to fight,but in one swift move Zeus threw a lightning bolt at Poseidon that paralized him''Brother,please.''Poseidon said,whimpering.''I'm sorry,brother.''Zeus picked up Poseidon's trident and stabbed him in the chest,piercing his heart.''I'm sorry,brother.The gods will miss you.''Zeus said.Then Zeus threw a massive lightning bolt,destoying all of Greece,but he missed his true target.Mythious ran out of Greece,and continued to tell his stories of the gods,until Zeus found out he wasn't dead,and sent the monster,Medusa to kill him,and he was turned to stone.His stories kept spreading.You may hear different versions of it,but you should thank the original author,Mythious,the Son of Poseidon.