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''Emerson and Apollo''

By: A'more' P.
Louisiana, Age 12

It was a very dark day on Earth.Most of the trees died and there wasn't a single flower blooming.There wasn't any clouds in the sky or birds singing.
Then one beautiful maiden named Emerson was just skipping around.She had long black hair which was very soft.She also had hazel eyes,dimples,and the most beautiful cheekbones you had ever seen. While she was skipping along,she saw Apollo,the son of Zeus,sitting on a stump playing music and she instantly fell in love with him.She went up to him and asked,''Oh sweet and dear Apollo,the son of Zeus,will thy take my hand in marriage?''Apollo was very stunned that a maiden would ask him this and he said,''Back with you! I don't want to marry you!''Then Apollo walked away!
When Emerson got home, she told her mother about what happened with Apollo and she said,''I never did like Apollo or Zeus because of what they did to your father.''
That night,Emerson thought of a plan to get Apollo to marry her.When she finally got her plan ready,she called Cupid and asked him if he can shoot Apollo in the heart for her and he said,''Sure.''
The next day,Emerson tricked Apollo into going to her house.The second he walked in,Emerson gave Cupid the signal and he shot him in the heart.In that second,he fell in love with Sonya,Emerson's mother!
Apollo said,''You are the most beautiful woman I've had ever seen.Will thy take my hand in marriage?''
Sonya said,''I would never take your hand in marriage!''She went to her room.
At that moment,Zeus saw what she was doing and said,''How dare she do this!''After that,Zeus put a spell on Emerson saying she could never get married and her mother had to marry Apollo.