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''The Continent ''

By: Jazmin J.
Louisiana, Age 11

One day Jasmina ,the goddess of Earth,was sitting by her tree. It was the biggest and tallest on Earth.She loved that tree.It was one of the most important things to her. It held the continent on Earth together.Zeus,her brother,hated the tree , and wanted it cut down.He called her to come see him.''Jasmina.'',Zeus said,''I want you to cut down that tree at once!'',. ''That tree holds the continent together.'',said Jasmina,''It will not be cut down!'',So they had a huge arguement. You could tell by the earthquakes and lightning storms.Hades and Poseidean were getting angry,because of there fighting, it was causing problems for them.Rocks of the earthquakes fell in the sea and killed some of the fish and other sea animals.The cracks of the earthquakes made hell rise. So Hades,Jasmina,and Poseidon went up to see Zeus, and made an agreement.To not bother each other or to destroy one another things. So Jasmina went back to Earth and grew more trees.Poseidon made rivers so the trees could have water. Hades rose up two people to live on Earth.Those three were getting along , but Zeus didn't keep his promise,and destroyed the tree. It made the continent into seven.Zeus was happy for what he did,but Jasmina was not and told Zeus to never come down to Earth , or he'll pay. That's how the seven continents came to be.