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''How Paris Became''

By: Deja M.
Louisiana, Age 11

One day, a women named Paris wanted to build a city after herself and she asked Rhea,god of animals, to help her build the city.Zeus heard that Paris was going to build and name the city after herself.Zeus thought that if he couldnt have a city,no one should.Zeus decided that he was going to destroy the city of Paris.Zeus said,''I will set tornados,hurrricanes,volcanoes,and fire to destroy the city forever.The next day , Paris called her son Hades to help finish building the city.Paris,Hades,and Rhea were just about finish with the city ,but the only thing left they had to do was to put up the Eiffel Tower and put the electricity.When Paris was about to put the electricity on Zeus arrives and he says,''If i Zeus cannot have a city no one should.''Zeus began to set tornadoes,hurricanes,volcanoes,and let out fire from his hands.Paris and Rhea went to hide from the disater that was happening to her beloved city.Hades was also using his powers against Zeus to try and save the city but there was no use.Paris got angry and she combined her powers with Rhea and Hades. Together they set out fires,earthquakes,and tsumanis and they defeated Zeus.
Paris felt like she was stabbed in the heart because her beloved city was ruined by a jelous person.Hades said,''Mother we still have time to fix the city back up again.Hades and Rhea started to clean up and fix the buildings.It took them seven days to rebuild the whole city.When they were done people from all over the world came to see the beautiful job they had done and they loved it.