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By: Ariel B.
Louisiana, Age 12

Once upon a time, there was a godess,named Aira.She is the goddess of destruction.Aira was always happy causing destruction such as,hurricanes,earthquakes,and tsunamis.

Well,one day ,while she was causing havoc on people in California, she saw the goddess of life,Selena healing people.Aira was very angry so, she went down to earth to talk to Selena and tell her to heal somewhere else.

Aira said,''What are you doing?This is my happy time to cause destruction everywhere!''Selena just laughed a musical laugh and said,''Aira,that's not your place to hurt and destroy!That's Zeus's job!''

Aira was geussing Selena didn't know who she was so, she told her,''I'm the goddess of destruction.What do you want me to do?Sit around helping these people?I'm not like that,I have it in my blood,Selena.Duh!''She said,''Oh, well maybe we can work out a deal or something,Aira.''

Aira almost fell over crying laughing because,she doesn't ''work things out!'' but,she thought about it for a while.Selena did have a point.Maybe, she can heal people while I cause more destruction!

''Okay,sure.''Aira said.''You can still heal people, while I'll just cause more damage!It's all I came up with so, deal with it.''

She said,''Alright,it's not really that bad,so, I guess I'll do it.''Aira went back to causing more chaos.Four months later,Aira and Selena became friends.

To this day,Aira and Selena are still friends,healing and causing chaos.The End!