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By: Jazsmin E.
Louisiana, Age 11

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Aprodite.She had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes.She had a amazing power called ''Love.'' In the Land of Love she was their princess. She helped sort out problems also, her motto was ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU!!
Back in The Land of Love,they had a magical whale named ''Ballou.''Ballou helped little boys and girls with self conflicts.They called him ''Big Ballou.''
So one day Jasper, a foolish little boy, asked Ballou for help.He said,''Oh Ballou please help me. They have girls chasing me.''
Ballou said, ''Go to Aphrodite. For im the Whale of Advice.'' With that being said,Jasper set off on an adventure.He found Aphrodite.
Jasper said,''Oh Aprodite. They have girls chasing me.''
''Ok'' Aprodite said,'' Use these charms to wear them off.''First he Was chased by Makayla. She kissed him all over. He gave her the charm of uglyiness. She was turned into a witch with a big mole.she was so ugly she ran away.
Then he was chased by Emily.She played with his hair, so he gave her the charm of evilness. She was turned into the devil,and went to the underground with pluto.
Jasper said, ''They worked the charms really worked.'' He ran back to Aprodite. He said, '' They worked. The charms really worked.'' he ran off. Aprodite was mad becaused, he didn't say thank you. So turned him in to a big beast. THE END