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''Arya and Kanit''

By: Cristopher R.
Louisiana, Age 11

Arya was servant to the god Kanit,god of the animals.She lived on his forbidden island Atheothon.Arya work with animals and grew strong and smart from working with them.Kanitthought that this was useful so cast a spell on her to live forever the spell was attach to the two of them. the spell left a mark on the back of her neck.

Nafera,goddess of youth and beauty did not like this for it alter the fate of ever living thing. this displeased all the gods.All execpt for Kanit.

While Arya was asleep the goddess Nafera crept into her dream told Arya of Kanit's doings. Arya became enraged.

''But what can I do I am just a servant and his servant.'' Arya said.

Alantam gave her a her a handle and said'' go to Toreyli look Exodus,god of lost and forgotten he will help you further''she said as he left from her mind.

Arya woke up and started leaving and notice she had no way off the island. Then suddenly a boat came to shore. Arya got on the boat and sped away to Toreyli.

When the boat stop she was on Toreyli.Toreyli was filled high with piles of items.Arya got off the boat and started walking.

''Hello is any body here? I looking for Exodus'' Arya shouted

An old popped up from a pile of broken swords.'' I am Exodus what is it that want with me?'' the god bellowed

''the god Nafera gave me this handle to present to you'' Arya said as gave him the handle.

Exodus put the handle on a door with no handle and opened it.He handed two large jars to her ''used this jars to capture the souls of animals it will put the animals in a hard sleep it and will weaken Kanit and when he is weaken used the other jar to drain him of his immortality.

Arya took the jars and ran back to the boat and on her way she tripped and put minuscule crack at the bottom of the jar.

Kanit saw of her doings and sent animals to kill her before she could get back to the island.But Arya could not die becuase of the spell Kanit cast.

Arya landed on the Atheothon and opened the jars as quick as she could before Kanit could stop her.

the souls of all the animals.Kanit fell to the groung and crumpled to the ground.
But when drained Kanit of his immotality the spell he cast on her wore off and the animals he sent for Arya caught up to her and and killed her. The cracked jar with souls of animals in it let the fish, reptiles, and the birds out and the other animals got out every nine moths but could not escaped the jar's power