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By: Treylin C.
Louisiana, Age 12

Long ago in Rome, there was a boy named Bark. His father Zeus was very disappointed in his son. Bark was a thief. After his mother, Darkness, died he became very mean. He bit people for no reason at all. He started robbing people. On one of his robberies, he met a girl. He really liked her, but she told him to rob the king, KingTut. He robbed him and got a new girfriend which he married. KingTut prayed to his mother Darkness. Darkness casted a spell on Bark. Bark had all the good luck.
As months passed by, strange stuff had been happening. He started to get smaller and smaller. He lost fifty pounds and now weighed one hundred ten. MaryJane was suspicious. Bark even grew a tail. He was hairy. He also grew paws. MaryJane one day left and went talk to the gods about Bark. Zeus said his mother cast a spell on him because he robbed KingTut. He was going to turn into a dog. MaryJane told Bark and they cried. MaryJane wanted to become a dog too because she loved Bark. She prayed to Darkness to become a dog too. MaryJane became a dog and had puppies for Bark. They lived happily ever after. That's why dogs bark and where they come from.