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Rain, Thunder, and Lightning

By: Sam C.
North Carolina, Age 13

Mizzledrop was a god that could summon the power of clouds. Everyday Mizzledrop would be lonely and long for a companion. But one day he met the most beautiful goddess he had every seen, her name was sprinkle. She was goddess of water and they immediately fell in love. Since they were in love they got married and had three kids named, rain, thunder, and lightning.
The three kids would always fight and when that happen a storm would take its course. When they would always fight rain would always cry, and this would turn into water to shower the earth. Lightning would always throw something at the earth preferably his mother’s good lamps and every time it hit the earth it would cause a fire. Thunder would always scream after lighting would throw something at the earth to signal to there mom and dad they were having a fight. After there mom and dad had put up with enough they separated them from each other.
But below them the people of the earth were having nothing but the hottest days. Droughts were happening everywhere there were crops. The kids would have to stay inside because of the heat. This little island in the middle of the ocean was called Drisen a land not discovered yet. But they depended on the rain to supply there water.
Finally Mizzledrop and Sprinkle finally said have at it. This was one of the biggest fights they have ever had. It showered the most amazing tasting water to village people and supplied them water for five years. Thunder and lightning scared the kids so bad the kids wouldn’t go outside until the dark clouds were gone.