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The Witch Hunter's Sword

By: Kyle P.
New Jersey, Age 11

Pollux entered a cave that reeked of Hades’ underworld. He was planning on killing the Fates and hiding The String, which has devoured all of his people. He hummed an aoide he learned from the Stayrs, who brought him to the cave, unaware of Pollux’s intentions.
No one was behind the boulder he move aside. The room was empty. A burning fire place was the only moving thing. Suddenly, the fire turned into a black blaze and from it appeared the lord of the dead himself, Hades.
“Pollux! Pollux! You can’t bring back my daughter Acantha from the underworld by attempting to murder the three Fates, which would only make the situation worse.”
“How?” Pollux asked.
“The Fates and I work together to bring, judge, and comfort the dead. Killing the Fates would leave the underworld unbalanced and worse than you think it already is.”
“Where did you hide the Fates?” Pollux shouted.
“Even as the son of Dinosus, you are as arrogant as Poseidon.”
Hades moved closer to Pollux, who felt the lord of the dead’s chilly breath.
“Let’s make a deal,” said Hades. “You become my guard to the Fates and I will bring back Acantha.”
Pollux froze on the spot, deep in thought. Hades’ eyes burned a fiery, light blue. As the son of Dinosus and Dinosus as the son of Anthea, Pollux thought, Why didn’t Hades bring her back if she is his daughter? He asked that question to Hades.
Hades spat, “She was a pest! A thorn ! A real pygalgia! Now you have no choice. You will guard the Fates!”
With that, Hades disappeared in a ball of black fire. A black iron sword was left where he stood. The boulder moved back into place. Pollux tried to push it aside, but it wouldn’t budge. He screamed and wept. Then he glanced at the sword and took it. He turned to stone and waits to this day for an intruder to strike down.