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Salt Water

By: Benjamin W.
California, Age 13

One day their was a beautiful Goddess who sided the waters. She decided it was time for her to pass on. So she slowly crept to the ocean banks. When she realized that she was immortal she started to cry, for she could not end what was happening. So she went to her father, The Animal God, to ask why are the humans mortal but they are not. Her Father said ''purpose.'' When she finally asks her mother the God of Air her mother responded '' The human's are to do what they do, but we are to control.''

The Young Goddess then decides to become a human. So she felt true love to a man in Pompeii and lost him so she started to cry as she did so upon the oceans edge she walked. Trying to omit her human mortality. This though did not work for her as a Goddess is immortal. She turned back into her mystical self She wept for years staying upon the waters of her control.

That is those waters are salty, So start to consider salt as true tears.