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4 elements

By: Deandre F.
Indiana, Age 13

Once there was a god the sun of Zeus. He was only thirteen but had a bright adventure ahead. His name is Deandre. This kid was unknown for his special powers. Every day this young man walks around in the heavens wondering what his powers is. But one day Haiti the brother of Zeus told me to go find the god of water also the brother of Zeus and Haiti and slay him. The boy said yes and walked away in happiness. He got to the water and called for him to come out, so he did. But instead on killing the boy he decided to train him. So he did the boy have not been home in 3 years Zeus was mad. When Zeus left Haiti took over the heavens. One day Deandre came back to tell his father what happened, but Haiti locked him up. Zeus came back and tried to save him, he was killed by Haiti. The boy was sad, and with all the anger he broke the chains. Haiti was surprised with the boys power. The boy had the power of all four elements. He defeated Haiti and sent him back to the under world. With Deandre’s tears he brought the grate Zeus back to life. Zeus was happy for his sun. Deandre was known to be one of the most powerful gods ever. Because of the boy water storms, earth danger, fire, and wind problems.