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Queen Natasha

By: Tamara M.
South Carolina, Age 10

Once there was a queen named Natasha. She wanted something to come out of the sky. She was very upset.

One day she was sitting in her castle. Then she went outside. She sat next to a hard bumpy tree. She started reading a book. The book was about a goddess.

Next she saw a peace of white fluffy cloud sitting beside her. All of a sudden it said something. She was shocked. It told her to throw it in the air. And something would come out of the sky.

So at last she stood excitedly and throws the cloud in the air. And Boom all of a sudden white fluffy flakes of snow come down. The queen was very happy.

She threw snowballs at trees. She built a snowman. She was the happiest queen in the world. And now everyone knows what snow is.