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Origin of Tsunamis

By: Maggis B.
Illinois, Age 13

Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Nerual and Eitak. They were not goddesses, but they knew someday they would be. They thought they were much better than the gods. All the gods did was try to prove their powers over the mortals. A goddess shouldn't have to prove her powers, everyone should know.
One day, Nerual and Eitak went up to Mount Olympus. When they were up there, Nerual asked, ''Oceanus, could you please make us goddesses.'' Oceanus said he didn't want to. By this, Nerual was angered. Eitak wasn't mad because she understood. Nerual was determined to make the gods make her a goddess. There was no reason that she shouldn't be allowed to become a goddess. She explained her plan to Eitak, but Eitak didn't agree. Eitak told Nerual to leave the gods alone, but Nerual wouldn't listen. Now, Nerual was on her own.
Nerual had a boyfriend named Ynnhoj. Ynnhoj and Nerual loved each other. Nerual went back to Mount Olympus the next day. She told Oceanus that his powers didn't mean anything. Oceanus was deeply offended. He wanted to show her how much his powers meant. But, he didn't want to kill Nerual because he secretly loved her. He was jealous whenever he saw her with Ynnhoj. Even though he knew they would someday be together.
A few days later, Nerual, Eitak, and Ynnhoj went sailing. Ynnhoj and Nerual sat next to each other with Eitak on the other side. Eitak had a boyfriend but had chose not to bring him. All of a sudden the waves seemed to grow large. Nerual screamed, ''Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!'' The boat just nearly tipped over, as the huge waves kept sloshing around. Another huge wave... and Nerual fell off the boat! Oh no! What was happening?
Nerual struggled in the water, trying to keep herself up. Then,Ynnhoj jumped in the water to save her. As they got back on the boat, Nerual realized something. Maybe Oceanus had sent the treachourous storm to show his power. Now she knew not to mess with him. The group took a treacherous ride home, with many more humongous waves. When they got back, Nerual went to visit Mount Olympus.
At Mount Olympus Nerual asked to see Oceanus. She asked why he sent the terrible storm. He told her it was from anger. Then he told her that it was a tsunami, and there was many more to come. It was the most powerful ocean storm. That's how the tsunami came to be.