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By: Johnanthan N.
New York, Age 13

Long, long ago there was a place called mount Olympus. It was as white as snow. All gods and goddess lived on mount Olympus. Poseidon was very jealous of the god of ice, Lionas. All gods and goddesses loved him except Poseidon, for Poseidon always hated Lionas for some reason. This was unlike Poseidon because he was a good god.
The mortals also loved Lionas because he always helped them. The mortals called him “the one who cares.” As each day went by Poseidon got more and more angry. His wife Amphitrite even adored Lionas, as if she wished she were married to him. As each day went by Lionas was always helping the gods and mortals. Then Poseidon tried to help the mortals too, but they said, “No thanks, I’ll wait for Lionas to do it.” One day Poseidon got so mad he planned an attack on Lionas.
He was going to make a Tsunami go to Athens. If Lionas tried to stop it, Poseidon would make an earthquake to kill Lionas, but what Poseidon didn’t know was Amphitrite over heard his plan. Amphitrite ran to Zeus and pleaded with him to stop Poseidon. “Please, Zeus please stop Poseidon he normally isn’t like this.” said Amphitrite. “Calm down Amphitrite I will do my best.” said Zeus.
The tsunami was coming. Lionas was in position to stop it when a thunderous earthquake shook the ground around him. Lionas thought fast and then drew his staff and filled the cracks with ice. Poseidon had forgotten that Lionas was the god of ice. That was something Poseidon had not planned out. Poseidon had a mean and frustrated look to him. Lionas thought he out smarted Poseidon, but the tsunami was still coming. Poseidon had a weird grin on his face then BOOM! The tsunami crashed into Lionas and flung him threw a couple houses. Athens was in pieces. Poseidon slowly walked over to where Lionas was with a confident grin on his face, then he yelled out “This is the end of the line for you Lionas!” But unbeknown to Poseidon, Zeus was right behind him. Zeus grabbed him and threw him to the floor. “STOP!” said Zeus. But Poseidon did not listen and tried to stab Zeus. Then Zeus sidestepped and fired a bolt of lightning at Poseidon. It hit Poseidon with such force that Poseidon was too weak to use any powers.
Then Zeus summoned Poseidon to the sea for all eternity. Amphitrite was very sad for a long time, but after a couple months Amphitrite moved with Poseidon to the sea and lived a happy life ever since. Athens was never the same. Many mortals had to rebuild many houses with the help of Athena. Lionas doesn’t help as many mortals but for all his help the mortals of Athens built a statue for him in his honor.