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Raining cats and dogs

By: Courtney A.
Ohio, Age 13

One day i was outside playing with my friends on my bike.We heard noises coming from the sky. Then a few minutes later there were cats and dog falling from heaven. My friend said it's a gift from god. I said no its raining cats and dogs. So we went inside to eat our dinner well when we went in the house there was raining cats and dogs there to. So we went to a place called nothing can get you here. Well there were these to older people. We said are you the people that run this place. They said yes of course why do you ask. Well everywhere me and my friends go we can never get away from the raining cats and dogs. They said raining cats and dogs ya rite and well that was the only way they would leave us alone. So then when the dogs and cats came back we went door to door giving people animals that took forever and well then it stopped raining cats and dogs. The end.