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Why the giraffe has a long neck?

By: James D.
Australia, Age 10

One day when Thor and God were still children they were playing in heaven. They wanted to play jump-rope but they couldn’t find a skipping rope. God searched an encyclopedia to see if he could find one. It appeared that there was a very rare fiber that could be found in the desert, the sea or the snow mountains. The only place they could think of was the jungle, but the type of material that was used to make a rope was a type of food that was eaten by most of the jungle animals, but they still gave it a try.

So the next day they went to the jungle and tried to find a long piece of rope. But they still found nothing. They searched all day, but they couldn’t find a single long piece of rope. When they were about to go home they could hear a trotting sound in the plains. They turned around and it was a weird brown spotted animal.

Firstly, Thor and God couldn’t tell what it was. So they brought the animal home back to heaven.
Then they looked at an animal dictionary and found out that it was a giraffe. They then figured out that if they stretched its neck that could finally play jump rope. So that night they worked as hard as they could all night and stretched its neck longer and longer.

When the sun rose the next day the giraffe’s neck was still too short. So they released the long necked, but too short for a skipping rope giraffe and it trotted back in the jungle plains.