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By: Eric L.
Indiana, Age 5

Period 6
September 13, 2010

There was a bird that was really grey, an unordinary type of grey never seen before. It was small, fat, slow, and lazy. Nothing came in-between this mean little bird and its food. So one day it decided to leave the tree and find a new home. It was going to a city named Gray City. The Reason for that is because there was more food, and did not want to be around no more. He traveled for 40 days heading to Grey City. The Gray Bird, finally made it to Gray City the most magnificent city there was.
This city had a brilliant mind of its own. The wind blew in an ordinary way, something similar to the splash of a waterfall from a distance. The Gray Bird who was named Elf, was chilled to its little bones in its tiny fat body, to finally be there. The bird did not have in mind what he wanted to do while arriving to Gray City.
The fragrance in the air was a big relief to the birds senses. After 30 minutes of being in Gray City Elf noticed that strange things were occurring in Gray City. The people in Gray City were so delightful in a way that intrigued Elf. After the day was coming to an end Elf had to decide where it was going to lay its little head. So Elf, decided to lay in the biggest tree in the middle of the city.
While Elf was going to sleep a big “KABOOM” of glitter floated through the skies. Next thing Elf knew all of the objects that were in the area began to speak. They told Elf that they was appreciative to have Elf in there city. The objects told Elf that they knew all along he was coming to Gray City, and have been waiting for Elf to come. Elf made friends with all of the objects that were in the city. So even after 10 years Elf still lived happily ever after.