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A big story about eartquakes

By: Harry P.
Indiana, Age 15

Animals lived in the lower part which was was completely covered in water and had no land or soil. Above was the Sky World where the sky people lived.
The sky world had lots of soil with beautiful mountains and valleys. One day a girl from the sky world went for a long walk and became very tired.
Iím so tired I need to rest she said. She sat down under the spreading branches of an apple tree and quickly fell asleep
Suddenly there was a rumbling sound like thunder and the ground began to crack. A big hole opened up next to the apple tree.
Then she went crazy and she was woundering what she can do so she tried to find a way to tell people that she need to get out of there. So she couldnít find anyone so she went to sleep, so in her dream she heard someone talking to her and when she woke up it was her mom talking to her and her mom was scared