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* Luna y Estrella*

By: Brenda S.
Indiana, Age 15

Long time ago, there was a little girl with poor family in a village called San Luis Potosi. In the small village of San Luis, Luna was the only girl that existed in the town. There were many adults and grandparents but no children. Much of the population that was there were family, not many tourists came by because it was a poor and non-entertaining village. Luna felt very sad at time because in her free times all she wanted was to talk to some of the kids her age or go to school like the other villages.
One night she went to the creek near her house crying all the way. When she got to the creek, she kneeled down and prayed to the gods for little children to appear. She cried and cried until she got to a point where she could not hear herself crying because she was so lost in her thought. Her sorrow tears woke up the villagers. Along came her father and carried her back home. The next morning she opened her eyes to a noise of children’s laughter and found herself in her little bed curled up. She did not know how she should feel. Was all this just a thought of her imagination? When she received, the force of the gods to get her body up she got out of her house and down to the creek to wash up she saw many more villagers that had arrived and not just adults but children were walking right behind them. As soon as she saw the children she ran to them and introduced herself to them, she was so thrilled she did not even know what to say. She found a little girl that caught her eye as soon as she did she went up to her, she was very amazed by the feeling she felt by her, it seemed like if she knew her all along. They started talking and getting to know each other.
There was a very strong connection they had between each other because her name was Estrella that meant star, and Luna meant moon. Together they became the greatest friends and they stayed united. Until the gods decided to take them, they died together and they were never forgotten. “La Luna y Estrella siempre estaran en el cielo juntas.” Which meant “the star and the moon will always be together forever. The people from the village never saw the sky so illuminated with light until Luna and Estrella died; they saw that they were the moon and the star after all.