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~ The nights light ~

By: Curtis D.
Indiana, Age 14

Have you ever wondered why or what those little spots of light are in the night sky? Well I will tell you the story about the king of light. Once upon a time in the land of Eden, the king brought light to all the darkness, he called it the morning. And the light he used for the morning, the sun.
When it came to be the night the king got to thinking, “it’s so dark at night, I can’t see were I’m going sometime. I wonder what I could do about this.” So the next morning, the king sat on his thrown thinking to himself, “what can I but in the night sky that would light it up, just as the sun does the day?” then suddenly it came to him. I’ll make a night light.
So that at night I can see, and everyone in the land can too. So that night the king gathered rocks and sand, and squeezed them together and said. Let there be light and threw it all into the sky. As it got higher, it grew bigger, and to make it shine he put the sun behind it. The king said” now I can see at night.”
The end