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''How The Stars Got in the Sky''

By: Heather H.
West Virginia, Age 10

Once,There was a handsome young man named Oridon,he and his mother were both immortal.He grew up to be very intelligent and left his home seeking a wife.He traveled by the sky and then he soon reached a land called Openquinnon.There he settled and then he went to the town in search of his soon-to-be bride.
He looked for many hours and then went home to try again the next day.When he woke up he had a serene feeling inside,almost like he would find the perfect woman that day.And he did She was the goddess of the sky.He asked her to go on a date with him that night.And soon they had been dating for a while.
So one night he had decided that he would ask her for her hand in marriage.And she had agreed!So she moved in with him and one day became pregnant.She had many children in fact she had 32 and counting!They all loved one another very much.
Then one day a sickness swept through the village killing many.And soon her kids had got the illness.They took them all to the doctor but there was no cure.So he said