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Mary the greatest Gods.

By: Britani S.
Texas, Age 13

A Long time ago lived one of the Greatest Gods named Mary. She believed in talent in sports such as Volleyball. She believed that she can make people have talent to be powerful and successful in a Sport.
Mary was in her backyard one day and grabbed a Volleyball and started tossing it up in the air with her fingertips. She felt it was kind of difficult at first but she got the hang of it. She thought of the name for calling that step which was setting. She of coarse thought that a lot of people would enjoy playing this thing called volleyball. She knew her daughter would be very interested so she called her to come and try it out. Her daughter Sally had no idea what her mother Mary was trying to say but she thought it looked real fun. Mary figured not all girls would have the talent to do this. So she decided to come up with a potion or spell to make for the girls who would learn how to play volleyball and be very talented and successful playing this sport.
As she made that potion she gave it to her daughter Sally a portion of it. She felt very weird for awhile after she took it. Very soon she was very energetic and wanted to play volleyball. She ran outside and was setting and thought maybe putting my hands together could be a form of playing volleyball. It turns out that it worked. She was so excited! She called her mom outside and Mary was so excited that the potion has worked! She yelled out with an ecstatic voice “Yay! It’s working!” Mary knew this would be a wonderful thing for children who thought they couldn’t do this sport. She figured she would let her whole kingdom know about her new creation she made.
One early day the whole Kingdom got together and listen to the Greatest God Mary speak about her creation. “I have made this Sport called Volleyball and this wonderful potion to make you be talented and successful in this own very sport.” The Kingdom cheered with happiness and very excited. All the girls wanted to try this sport and take this potion so they can be one of the best at it. Her parents knew it might be expensive. Mary made it clear that this is a free potion and it is the best thing that has ever been made.
These potions where very successful in Mary’s Kingdom. Mary was very excited and knew she did something that will have a big impact on children’s life’s and futures. Mary went walking one day and saw all the talented kids playing volleyball. She was very proud of her creation. Her daughter became a very successful and talented in this sport. Still to this day people think that is how volleyball was created and that potion from our an sisters is still in our blood. Her creation was a big impact in a lot of girls life. Mary is still known today.