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By: Christina B.
Ohio, Age 13

One day Eve and Adam had a school project. They decide to do a believe project. There teacher said do it on god and if you believe in him or not and explain why. Later that day eve said you can come over and we can work on the project. So Adam came over and eve said I believe in god do you, no said Adam. Why not said Eve? I donít believe in heaven and I donít believe what the bible says. How do we know thatís real we werenít there. Then who was Said Eve. I donít know said Adam thatís why I donít believe in him. Ok said Eve. So why do you believe in God said Adam. I believe in god because I think that he is history so he can and cannot be real, but personally I think heís real and a lot of people do to. They also believe in heaven too. So letís make a t chart and you will write donít believe and I will write believe. Ok. They finished the project and Adam went home. They gave it to the teacher in the morning and the teacher said they did a great job. They were happy of what they did.