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Crocidiles and Alligators

By: Reilly B.
Afghanistan, Age 5

The year is 5,000 BC and there were dinosaurs and many other creatures roaming earth. One day earth got so hot that trees started catching fire and burning everything down. Dinosaurs were slowly dying and started to become almost extinct. Almost every dinosaur was dead besides the crocodile and alligator. Earth was 130 degrees, when it started pouring down rain so hard the drops were the size of a baseball. The rain started forming lakes, ponds, and rivers. The alligators slid into the water, slowly cooling down there dried cracked scaly skin. Most of the fish had died but still thousands lived. The gators lived by feeding off dead dinosaurs and small fish. Almost all dinosaurs died beside the ones that evolved to modern day creatures, rodents, and animals. And that’s how we have our modern day animals and our dinosaurs. “Crocodiles and Alligators are the only dinosaurs left” To this day no one really notices that there the only dinosaurs left, and that they kill them to make purses and coats and many other things.