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By: Keegan L.
Ohio, Age 13

One day a young Satyr named Ryan decided to take a walk on the shoreline which was then made of large boulders. Ryan walked about two miles before he came across something that made him very angry. This man was Simon Cowl. Ryan’s dreams were crushed after last year’s auditions for American Idle. Simon not only embarrassed him on national TV but also crushed his dreams. Immediately Ryan went up to Simon and started arguing right away. Once Simon said something about just being fair Ryan threw a punch. After that first punch Simon went back at him and knocked him on the ground. When that happened he knew he was doomed. Ryan knew only one way to defeat Simon. He got up took a deep breath looked Simon straight in the eye and started singing the best version of Raining Men Cowl had ever heard. It was so good that the boulders shook and rumbled then burst into little particles we know today as sand. Simon laid on the ground in amazement he said that he would never return to American Idle again.
So Simon went with his plan to leave American Idle and moved back to Brittan and made his knew show the X Factor. For Ryan he also went to Brittan and competed in a knew game show called Brittan’s got Talent. He legally changed his name to Susan Boil and getting very close to winning, but still becoming a worldwide sensation. You can find his album I Dreamed a Dream any ware you can buy CDs.