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A Magical Change

By: Caitlin B.
New York, Age 10

Media 6-1
October 6,2010

A Magical Change

Years ago a girl named Lauren lived in the woods, all alone. She never knew what the word
''friendship'' means all she knew and cared about was survival. She snuck in a hiking trail in Oaklahoma to find food and a shelter for the night. She found perfect wood for a fire. She spotted a glow near the Elk loadge. It was a girl's medal on a brown vest. She hid in the bushes unseen so she can carry on with her day. She found a big rock arch at the woods in the park and went under there for the night. She took leaves and stuck them together with sap. She covered the opening with the clothe to make it stay.She started to take a nap.

Her stomach rumbled and she was hungray. She had no choice but to sneek into the
lodge lobby were the girls in vests are. She saw the girls were making a pionty type of craft. She got a bunch of food and headed out. She walked down the path and then a bear rose up behind her. She ra to a tower and the bears mighty bodt rose up and a tower leaned which is now called the Leaning Tower of Piza.