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A Planets Love Crisis

By: Rubama P.
Maryland, Age 9

Once in ancient time, the sun had too much fire. So that’s when he took a few flames off himself. The flames met 5 bright shiny stars. For centuries the group had grown enormously huge, with big balls of gas and magma in between. The magma had harden over the past few centuries and crawled to the outer level. The fire then got jealous – he, for what, did not want to be inside the lava. So that’s when fire crawled out and spread out everywhere. The gas ball then looked so beautiful that the goddess Venus actually named it Venus. But as Venus (the planet) grown she thought to herself Am I important? Do I have personality? She thought and thought about other creatures. What did they look like? What were their colors? She was bursting with thoughts! Literally! She was flaming with excitement! Everyone loved her enthusiasm.
Everyone, but the sun. Sun was jealous of Venus. The sun was whining, Apollo was tired of suns complains, he was even more interested in Venus. That is why we’re not meant to be too close to sun. If we were, then sun would burst into anger for the interruption we had made. But Venus was quite kind to every one (another thing that makes the sun jealous) – that is, unless you pushed her buttons. But she shined so much that people started calling her the “bright star”.
She was married to Vulcan, but her true love was Mars – for now. One day Venus and Mars gave birth to the dwarf planets Eros, Cadmus, and Harmonia. Vulcan was not happy about this (no he did not torture Venus) so he went away to the far lands. Sad and lonely, getting his heart ripped by the one he loved, the one he thought loved him – Venus. Suddenly Venus had a strange feeling. She did not feel right next to Mars. She started to have feelings for someone else. Her Mighty one, her true one, the one that would look after her and her kids, the one that loves her - Vulcan. Mars tortured Venus by his complains about her. Mars tortured his kids because they were puny. Venus had enough. She went miles away from Mars. Her kids soon grew up and had their own life. Now she gets comfort from her sister – Earth. She couldn’t go to her dad because he was so far away and she would have to go through a tremendous course with aliens, outer space serpents, and star goblins (they’re such divas!, trust me on this one). But now she sits in silence waiting for her man to come back one day. But she already lost him.

Earth felt sorrow about her sister. She looked at Venus with discouraged eyes. Water came down to South America and Africa from North America and Europe (which means she’s crying) + (it also means that those continents will be having a flood). Earth felt like she needed to boost up her sister. She asked if Mercury could help her, and he surely said “Of course my beloved, but I must stay here and do my task, for thee will get angry if I didn’t - my master”. “Whom may be your master? Is it Neptune?” asked Earth stiff but eager. “Mars – the planet of war” replied Mercury. Earth was so full of fierce by now it looked like all her volcanoes were about to erupt. Mercury gulped (no wonder!).Finally, Earth had a chance to calm down and tell what had happened to her tragic sister. She also told him about her clever plan. Mercury understood and asked if he could help in anyway. Earth accepted and told him to take a quest/journey/search for Vulcan in different galaxies. Sure enough, Mercury came back with Vulcan wearing a blind fold. Earth was coming towards them with Venus while she was wearing a blind fold. “Ready?” asked Earth. “Set?” asked Mercury. “Then ….”Said both of them but had stopped because of an interruption.
“So, So, Uh, What’s going on here?” asked Sun like he knew nothing (Hugh… just like those star goblins… remember, divas). “Nothing, nothing at all…Just a two boy and two girls, heh?, heh?” said Earth quickly and nervously. “Oh, really? Because to me it looks like your playin’ blind fold tag, with … Venus, Vulcan, Mercury, and Yourself, What’s the problem? You’re not saying anything,” teased Sun. He did the wave with his two evil flaming eye brows. He had a serpents smile but tried to hide it. “WHAT?!?” both Venus and Vulcan had screamed. “NO!” said the partners Mercury and Earth. “We mean it’s not what you think, we were trying to set you to up so you two love birds wouldn’t be so miserable all your life. I bet if you two would come back with each other, everything would be better. We were just trying to help” said Earth. “No, I don’t need your help. But thank you for the “hand”. I appreciate it. Never bother me again” Vulcan firmly said. Vulcan went away with his head down to the ground, looking as if he had a loss. “WAIT!” shouted Mercury hoping that his friend won’t go away. “What?” asked Vulcan. “I don’t know” replied Mercury. Vulcan disappeared in no time. Everyone face was full of sorrow. “ Great , (sarcasm) what am I supposed to do now? I’m going back to my spot” Venus went away with her head down to the ground, as if she had a loss. “WAIT!” cried out Earth. “What?” asked Venus. “I don’t know” replied Earth. “Why did you do this sun? Why?” asked Earth. “HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” laughed Sun “you foolish children, don’t you know I was planning this the whole time” Sun laughed some more “I hired Mars to threat Venus, I paid him like $500,000,000 you fool!” scolded Sun. “Why’d you do it?” asked Earth. “What?!? Your funny, you know why I did it” hauntically laughing Sun had said. “No, I don’t, tell me why” said Earth. “Oh, you were not fooling around, were you?” asked Sun “Alright then I’ll tell you. Venus. That’s what. Ever since that thing was made, Everyone was paying attention to her and not a single bit to me, I thought if I could make Venus destroyed with her enthusiasm I could be more known to everyone so that’s why I did this” said Sun. Suddenly Earth finally understood everyone. She had a plan. She knew it was full-proof. She was ready to take action.
She told Sun that he was the most import star of all, and that he was exaggerating about Venus. “Then how come she gets to be called “The Bright Star” and I don’t have a special name”said Sun. “Because she earned it. If you didn’t do those childish things then probably you would be called the big one, but you are now in a heap of trouble mister. Now I bet if you can be more responsible then everyone would call you that name – just for you!” said Earth. “You think?” asked Sun biting his lip. “I know so!” said Earth acting like a mother. “So are we going, are what?” said Mercury putting his mighty arms around their shoulders trying to make them laugh. Earth and Sun giggled a little bit then matured them selves. “Aright, listen” as Earth huddled with her two partners “I have a plan, but I need both of your help” she said. Uh-oh, what was Earth up to now?

Sun was looking at Earth. Earth gave a signal which made Sun go toward Venus.
“May I come talk to you?” asked Sun (like a gentleman he said). “Are you asking me that or are you telling me that?” responded Venus. “I’m asking you that” answered Sun. “Then the answer is N-O, No” finished Venus. “Please I beg of you, just-” Sun stopped because of Venus. “S-Su-Sun j-ju-just (took a deep breath) go away!” stuttered Venus. “No! I’m telling you no matter what! Just listen to what I have to say-ay (sniffle, sniffle), I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I shouldn’t have done that but just remember, that you are going to have a very bad disease in your heart if you don’t listen to me” said Sun as he started walking away. “Wait!” cried Venus, as she turned her head back to Sun (finally). “Yes?” responded Sun. “I’m ready to listen” answered Venus. Sun came back to Venus and told her what the real thing had happened this whole week. They whispered a whole lot. Finally, Sun came back to his group and told exactly what had happened with Venus – not a single bit left out! The group had a discussion and then went to return back to their spot. The next day Sun did the same with Vulcan. Then the group had another discussion. Finally they came back with Venus and Vulcan. At least this time they didn’t have to lie! The two couples got back with each other and then – Two goblins came out of nowhere!
Okay, remember at the beginning of this super – awesome story that their was such things as star-goblins well here they are. Their always trouble makers, no matter how hard you try to fix them they just won’t listen! Hugh! But anyways they started making fun of all of them; one of them even attacked Venus! They had enough. Sun, Vulcan, and Venus used fire twisters on them. Mercury used sand washers. Earth used milky-way dust. Together they fought and fought and fought! The goblins disappeared in no time (thank goodness). Everything went back to normal – or was it. Anyways, Mercury, and Earth Put Vulcan and Venus together and so now Venus actually looked like a planet. Vulcan kept Venus as the name – unless she betrayed him again. So now you know that planets have feelings, and why Venus is the second planet, and why Venus is so hot, well I guess now you know a lot of things. Well isn’t this a happy and sweet moment, this calls for a …