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How the Ostrich was Created

By: Jariel R.
Florida, Age 10

One day a long time ago Juan the creator was asked to create a special bird .The god Birdy, god of birds, had requested this. So Juan created a parrot. But since he had already created this Juan told Birdy not to look at it until Birdy reached his temple. When Birdy reached his temple in Breece, the land of the birds, Birdy realized he was tricked
Realizing that he was tricked he added a few changes to the parrot. Birdy stretched the parrots neck and legs. Then shorten its wings . After that Birdy cut the parrots tail real short. Later its beak was stretched and made pointy . Finally Birdy plucked feathers on the neck ,legs , and head died the rest of the feathers black and gave the parrot strong legs and feet . Birdy named this creature Ostrich .