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A Loud night

By: Taylor D.
United Kingdom, Age 9

The big storm

Long, long ago when the world was new,there was once a sad, miserable, lonely,afraid girl who was just sitting peacefully on a deep dark cloud.

The next day she peered down from her cloud wondering what It would to live to live in one of those tall houses, she was too shy to visit now so she agreed to go when she was18.

From then she wondered if her mum (mother
earth) would, when she was 18, on her 18th
birthday, mum would plan it on earth!

All of a sudden her hair dripped from Yellow (happy) to brown (upset). She flopped back and fell fast asleep!

She dreamed of a burglar creeping in at night and steeling the dark cloud and then she was falling down down on to earth, when she arrived she people chuckling and hugging until…

She suddenly got teased, insulted and bullied! She got so mad that her hair turned red and she pulled all her hair out!

She got so mad that she sent thunder, nothing happened, then she sent lightning down, nothing happened, then she sent both, A HUGE difference! Crys, screams crying babies in mothers hands but EVERYONE ran to there home.

After the smoke cleared she had saw what shed done, churches broken, houses broken, schools broken and parks broken! She had to name it, Thunder storm staring thunder and lightning!