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Attack of The Wild Wolf

By: Samuel R.
New York, Age 8

Over 1,000 years ago there was a town in Russia called Unkuk. Unkuk was a very small town. There was a boy in Unkuk called Stranger. The people called him Sranger because he was always alone. Every day at 2:00 sharp, in the town of Unkuk, a wolf came and terrorized the town. One day the army of Unkuk set out to kill the wolf. First, they set out to find Stranger because he was a good warrior, but when they got to Stranger's house they saw that Stranger was turning into a wolf. They all ran for their lives. Stranger attacked and the men in the army dodged him. Bam!Crash!Ahhhh!!!When the dust cleared Stranger was a human again and Unkuk was a pile of dust. The End? Maybe and maybe not!