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''Why A Rabbit Has Long Ears''

By: Kaili H.
Louisiana, Age 11

One Day,a little rabbit was hopping through the woods with his friend the beaver.Now a rabbit has long ears now,but that isn’t how it used to be.So as the beaver and the rabbit walked through the forest laughing,telling jokes,and playing games,they stumbled upon some berries.Rabbit wanted the berries,but so did Beaver.They argued and argued for hours,until a little mouse walked by and asked “Why all the arguing?” Rabbit said “I want to prove to beaver that the berries are rightfully mine because everyone likes me better and doesn’t laugh about the way I look,like they do to him!”
“Why don’t we just share the berries,half and half?” said beaver in a cry. As the beaver was crying and the mouse was talking about us needing to share,rabbit grabbed all of the berries and ran.After rabbit left,beaver decided he was going to get the berries from rabbit,but when he found rabbit,all the berries were gone.This made beaver very angry so he grabbed rabbit’s ears and stretched them as far as he could.”Now you have to have long,ridiculous ears and everybody will laugh at you!” exclaimed beaver.
So now you know how rabbit got long ears.