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Reflection in the Water

By: Yui K.
California, Age 13

Have you ever wondered why you see yourself in the puddle in the street or when you look inside a sea or a lake? This wasn't happening in the first part of world history. It all started 100 years ago...
There was a boy named Rudolph living in the smallest town there is. His parents abandoned him when he was 3 months old because they had no more food to feed him. Everyone didn't have any food. The town hadn't had a rain in the past 5years. The people of the town had to keep trading their goods to other people to get food. But one couple loved him very much and told everyone that they will be feeding him from now on.
Rudolph became a very healthy boy. How? Well, the town finally got rain and not only once, but 5~6 times a month. The people grew many foods and they got rich.
When Rudolph was 10, the couple decided to tell to Rudolph they weren't his real parents. And his real parents aboandoned him. When Rudolph heared that,he went to his room, and didn't come out for 3days. when 3days passed,he came out of his room. The couples were expecting the bright and cheerful Rudolph again. But Rudolph came out really grumpy. The couples asked him if he could go back to the normal Rudolph again. Rudolph refused. He screamed out loud that he didn't care if he's really bad since his real parents are not here.
From that day, Rudolph was really bad. He messed up the crops, lied to people, bossing people around, and he sometimes stole people's stuff.
God was looking at this whole mess. He decided to punish Rudolph for screaming at the couples, that they weren't his real parents over all the things they did for him, and the punishment for messing up the routine of the town.
The next day,God trapped Rudolph in all the water of the whole world. He could not get out until someone helps him out of the water.
From that day, a strange story went out though the whole world. ''Did you hear that you could see another person just like you in water?'' Yes. Rudolph cannot be himself in the water. He had to be just like the person of the outside world. For 100years, he had been doing that and not only one person helped him out.
Be sure to notice yourself in the water. And if you have time, help Rudolph out. I'm sure that he took his punishment long enough.