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''The Battle of Andrew''

By: Zion W.
Louisiana, Age 11

One day,it was a radical day in Mount Olympus.Everybody was crowded in the waiting room.It was noisy because Hera and Zeus were having a child.Suddenly,a baby came out of Hera's stomach.So,all the godesses went back home and were all happy.Hades was mad because Zeus has fourteen children and he had none so, he forced Persephone to have a baby just like Zeus's and named the baby,Gary.

Months and months later,Hera name the baby,Andrew.Andrew started to grow and he became six.Some people started to get jealous of Andrew and it was the dimi-gods.They didn't like him because Andrew would get all the attention
So, the dimi-gods planned a scheme.They wanted to drown him so, they put him in the river then,Andrew started to scare them and they startedto scream like a hungry bear wanted to eat them.
Years and years later,Andrew became fourteen and Zeus made a school for them and named it ,Olympian High School,but someone came unexpected an it was ,Gary
He would beat up everybody and he would beat up Andrew.Andrew started to sob to Zeus and hollered,
''Gary beat me up!''So,Zeus said ,
''Gary should treat others the way he wants to be treated and I want you to battle Gary.''
The next day,Gary tried to beat up Andrew ,but used his lightning bolt and misdirected his bolt in Gary's face and down came Gary like a mighty oak.Zeus and the Titans came to congratulate Andrew.At Mount Olympus ,Hephaestus made an award for his bravery and lived happily ever after.