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By: Jasmine A.
Louisiana, Age 12

Oneday at Mount. Olympus where all the gods and goddessess met,There was was a new goddessess.Naily was her name,She was Zeus and Diana's child.Naily was bright,beautful,and strong.Hades wanted to take Naily to the underworld so she could eat some of the underworld's food and never return to the upperworld.

Naily's bestfriend was Venus.Venus and Naily were walking and Hades popped out in diskised and tried to give the young girls poisoned apples so he could take them to the underworld.Something told Naily not to take the apples and right before Venus could take a bite,Naily grabbed Venus's hand.They both walked away.Zeus called Naily and told her to come up to the upperworld.Zeus told Naily and Venus that Hades wanted her because she was so powerful and she helped people become better.Zeus told Venus to keep a look out.Hades would send some of his souls he have up to try to get her.Naily wasn't dumb.

Naily walked to school everyday and Hades sent one of his souls to take her.They grabbed Naily and she was stuck in the underworld.Zeus found out and Zeus sent a bird in the underworld so she would know not to eat the food.Naily was hungrey so Zeus had to think of something else,So he could get Naily back.Zeus himself went to the underworld and got Naily.Naily was so happy that she forgot to say thank you.So Zeus was a little upset.Zues decided to punish her for three years.Naily now knows not to forget to say thank you when someone does some for you.Naily was locked up in a room and she had to clean up every until the third year.