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By: Valentina F.
Colombia, Age 13

A sunny day, when all was calmed; however, on the sky was all the opposite. At 6:OO PM, it began to rain. Wateraingo; the god of rain and storm; with blonde hair, blue eyes, and green wings, was exhausted then of working. His job or supernatural power was when someone was crying; Wateraingo began to dance and sang. The water cycle: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation began to occur. On precipitation, the water on the clouds began to rain or precipitate. Depending on the strongest someone was crying, the rain or storm was more intense.

The next day, Wateraingo was on the shower, relaxing, when the alarm started to ring, that means that someone was crying. He took the towel, dressed up, and went outside of the castle. He sang and danced to the clouds. In five minutes later, it began to rain until the night.

Years and years passed, Wateraingo was dying. Since Wateraingo was on the hospital, everyday was raining. The clouds knew something really bad was happening, they were very sad and exhausted of everyday raining or having storms. The big problem about Wateraingo dying was who would be the next god of rain.

On that time, to be a god, it needs to had certain characteristics: it needs to be hereditary, and the minimum age to be a god was of 40 years old. Wateraingo was thinking who to choose for god. Then he thought of Storight, his younger brother. Wateraingo call him. They talked for hours and hours, until they choose the next god of rain… Storight!

A week passed, Wateraingo was dead. Storight was the new god of rain and storms. Finally, all was the same again. The flowers smells, the trees grew, the cars honk, and childrens cries… Upps! Rain AGAIN!