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''The Origin of Rain''

By: Belinda M.
Colombia, Age 14

It was a very sunny and happy day; Zeus was sleeping and having the nicest dreams. He was in his bed while his wife, Hera, was cooking his delicious breakfast. His breakfast consisted of: eggs, ham, and orange juice. Hera was a very beautiful goddess. When she finished, she brought it to his bed and woke him up. Zeus and Hera was a very happy couple. Zeus finished his breakfast and went to his friend Apolloís house. Poseidon, the god of water, was in love with Hera, since the first time he saw her. Poseidon was the best friend of Hades, the goddess of underworld. Both of them were very bad people; they hated Hera for marrying Zeus (which she loves) and for being more beautiful than Hades. When Zeus got to Apolloís house. Apollo told him to watch out because he knew what was happening of the crush of Poseidon on Hera; the hate from Hades to Hera; the crush of Hades in Zeus; and that they were best friends. Zeus got mad and went home.
When Zeus was walking home, he saw that his wife, Hera, was talking with Poseidon. He was jealous. He told her that he didnít want her to talk with Poseidon anymore. Hera got mad at Zeus; she told him that she could talk to whomever she wanted. She told him they were over.

Zeus went to find Hades to make Hera regret of what she had done. Hera didnít care. After time Zeus fall in love with Hades. They got married. When Zeus and Hades were very happy, Zeus stopped hanging out so much with his best fiend, Apollo, because everything he thank about was Hades.

Apollo made a plan to convince Hades that Zeus was only using her to make Hera jealous and that he didnít love her. Hades believed him.

Hades decided to kill Zeus. She put poison in his food. Zeus was lonely and sad in the afterlife heaven. He was thinking about how his best friend had betrayed him. He felt so drear that he started crying.

This was how rain was produced in Earth. Every winter Zeus remembers of how he died and starts crying.