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By: Alejandro I.
Colombia, Age 13


Long time ago, in the place in the heavens where all gods lived, Mt. Olympus, Zeus was doing a party at his house, but the gods weren’t very happy with the party because they didn’t have fun, it didn’t have extreme and fun things, it was only a boring dinner.
But one day, Zeus’ brother Poseidon asked Zeus if they can do the party in the water. He said that the gods will have more fun than in the boring dinners on Mount Olympus. Zeus was doubtful, he was thinking about the great tradition of the Mount Olympus dinner but the last three parties were very alone; no one went because it’s very boring. They talked for hours, and Zeus’ final response was positive, the next place in where the party will be held is at the ocean. Poseidon did a lot of things for the party, they were the following: a giant slide, seats and tables for all the gods, and a great amount of food because Bazzinga was attending the party.
The next day the main headline in the newspaper was “Great Party now held on the Ocean!” All the people were just amazed and surprised about the headline of the newspaper “Olympus”. The gods were jumping of happiness, especially the god of fatness, Bazzinga. There were just two gods who were upset with the new place of the party, Hades and Athena, it was because they didn’t want to get their hairs wet, Hades has fire hair, so it may light up. So they decided just to not show up, but the party was in two years, so they might change their minds.
It was time for the party, and all the Greek gods were excited, especially Bazzinga because he saw a giant slide where he fitted perfect and could easily throw.
“Hi people!” yelled a stranger.
“Who is it out there?” asked Poseidon.
“It’s me, Athena.” answered Athena.
“Oh! You came, it’s wonderful!” yelled Poseidon with a smile.
“But I think Hades didn’t change his mind, Athena.” said Poseidon.
“Yeah I know, he didn’t came because of his hair, he didn’t want his hair to get lighted up.” said Athena.
All the people were scared about Bazzinga, when he threw in the slide bad things may happen in the ocean, so most people are aware of that. The gods were supervising Bazzinga, because it will be very dangerous if he throws in the slide.
When all the people went to eat outside, Bazzinga climbed the great slide and suddenly when Poseidon tried to stop him, he threw and something happened, a great SPLASH! A lot of water went up, it was terrible.
Since then, every time that the gods do a party in the ocean with Poseidon, Bazzinga throws in the slide, a Tsunami creates. The fat Bazzinga is, the bigger the Tsunami is.