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''Aurora's Art Work''

By: Mariana H.
Colombia, Age 13

Far, far away at the havens, at the Olympus, where the greek gods live, there was a goddess named Aurora. She had blue eyes and blonde hair. She was also very creative; she was the goddess of art. Aurora was Albert's wife. They had a daughter named Madeline, she also loves to paint. Aurora loved to paint colorful things.

On a very sunny  Monday, Aurora went to the Olympics Paint Store to get some paints. Aurora usually buys magic paint on the Olympic Paint store, but last time the store was closed so she bought some non-magical paint at Earth. She was planning to make her art work very colorful and creative; so she bought the paints in the following colors: red, blue, orange,  green, indigo, and violet. Those were the colors that she always used. Aurora always forgot what the colors where.

”Good morning”, said Aurora to the cashier at the paint store.

”Hello, what colors are you looking for? ”, asked the cashier with a big smile.

”I want 7 colors but I don't remember which ones. Could you please help me? ” , said Aurora worried.

”Oh, sure. I know a trick for 7 colors”, said happily the cashier.

”Really! Oh my gosh, teach me”, said Aurora.

Okay. Roy G. Blv: represents: R for Red; B for Blue; I for Indigo; and V for Violet.

Aurora bought the seven colors of paint she needed for her art work. When she arrived at the Olympus, she sees Albert kissing Brittany: the goddess of love.  Aurora ran with the seven tanks of paint on her hands. Aurora rans as fast as she cans but nothing would stop the goddess of love and Albert: the god of rocks. When Aurora was about a meter away from them Albert throws a huge rock to the ground. Unfortunately Aurora didn’t saw the rock and she fells down and all the paints spill into the Rain Lake. The Rake Lake, is the lake were the water never ends and it opens when it need to rain.

‘’ Hey, who was the dumbest person to spill the paints on my lake?’’, said Poseidon: the ruler of the seas. Poseidon got to angry that there was a extremely dangerous storm on Earth. The storm lasted about for 2 hours. When finally the storm gets to an end, the gods notice a very strange thing on the sky. The sky was full of colors, it was like a semi-circle on the sky with 7 colors.

‘’ Poseidon, please come here!’’, shouted the gods and goddess. He came laughing like if a clown was tickling him; he was sitting on top of a cloud like a king ‘’ We should call that a rainbow, because it will appear every time it rains and bow because it looks like one. What do you think?’’, said Poseidon very firmly. The rest of the gods thought the name was very cool for the rare thing happening on the sky, so they accept the name.

So for now on, every time the Rain Lake opens, and create rain in earth, after it will appear a rainbow on the seas. It happens after the rain because when the Rain Lake opens first the water comes out to earth, and after it comes the paint. It will happen forever because they are both magical; the water comes from Poseidon and the paint was made in the heavens.