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“The Origins of Tornadoes”

By: Camila T.
Colombia, Age 13

Long time ago there was a god call Zeus. Zeus was the most popular and powerful god. Zeus apart of being the king of all the gods he also was the king of the sky and weather. On his beautiful and luxury house, he doesn’t live alone; he lived with his immortal wife called Hera, because Hera was the wife of Zeus, she became the queen of gods, women and marriage.

So all began like this. Zeus and Hera were the most powerful and popular gods, so to keep his popularity up he needs to make the best trip ever. On the sky where all gods live a person that doesn’t have a blackberry was out of style. So Zeus takes his bb and on blackberry messenger he sent a broadcast messages to his friends. The message said this:” Hi friends, you know I am the most popular guy on sky so I want to invite you to the best trip ever the trip is in my beach house, so please everyone bring his own and different plate to share. I hope you came because if you don’t came you are out!”

Everyone on sky receive that message and where happy that they invite them to the vest trip ever. The day of the trip arrive. Everyone was on Zeus beach house. On the food table there was a list to put the name of the food you bring. The list said: sushi, fish, cocktail, macaronis and cheese, hamburger, pasta, charlotte of chocolate, chicken. The party starts and everyone was dancing and jumping. They were dancing a song of Lady Gaga. When it was time to eat everyone take a plate of all; however, Zeus taste sushi. When Zeus finish eating sushi he realizes he loves it, he became addict to sushi because it was so delicious and he never have tastes something unique like sushi. His friends Poseidon, Hermes, Artemis, Apollo’s and Hades were astonish because Zeus was eating all the sushi and to fast. They were afraid that something bad could happen; like he gets a part of sushi stuck in his throat.

They have pass 10 minutes. Zeus stomach start to make strange and very loud sounds, “Arghgh, arghgh.” All the gods on the room stare at Zeus. Zeus enter on panic that he didn’t know what to do, the first thing Zeus do was go running so fast as a tiger to his bathroom. As soon as he enters to the bathroom he lock the door and seat on the toilet.

Zeus stomach hurts a lot, he was so scared and have a lot of pain , he didn’t know what to do. Zeus stay like 30 minutes seating on the toilet, then he finish doing his things. He starts feeling so much better. When he was finally done he flush the toilet.

Zeus receive a video call on his blackberry, it was the manager god on earth. He was screaming, ”Ahhhhh something is happening here, what do you do? HELP, a strange thing is happening.” A big and strong tornado has form and is destructing everything on his way.

Zeus realized that the tornado have form because he is so powerful than when his stomach hurts and he uses the toilet and flush, all he does sends It to earth in form o a very strong tornado.

On earth people were so scared about this mysterious tornado that have forms, because it its destructing everything on his way like: houses, buildings, commercial stores, cars, trees, ships, animals, and people.

So know every time a tornado forms on earths, it destroy everything on his way. So people decide to make a temple to Zeus to worship him, so a tornado don’t form and destruct everything that they own on life.

So be aware, any time Zeus could flush the toilet so a tornado could form on earth and destruct all on his way.