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®Romance eclipse®

By: Isabella V.
Colombia, Age 14

Long time ago, the god moon and the goddess sun existed. They were named Moono and Suna. They lived all by themselves in space. They made a beautiful couple. They were in charge of making sure all the planets were doing ok.
During their revision of planet earth they had big misunderstandings that lead them to a big discussion. They realized that in earth there were living things (persons, animals, vegetation, etc...). So they both wanted to be seen and contemplated by these living things.
Moono wanted to be in front of Suna as well as Suna in front of Moono. Moono told Suna: hey! Iím way more important than you! People can sleep thanks to me! Suna answered: yeahh! And how do you think people wake up!? Finally they realized that they were fighting for something with no sense. They were both important and played a role in the life of living things in planet earth.
They were trying to make a deal so they were both seen. There first idea was; Suna was in front during the day and Moono during the night. They both liked the idea and stayed attached to it for 2 years. Until one day Moono decided to locate in front of Suna while it was her turn. He realized people didnít saw the moon that much because they were most of the time sleeping during nights. Suna decided to permit him to located in front of her 4 to 6 times a year, but he would have to let her locate 3 to 5 times a year during the night in front of him. They kept this agreement FOREVER! Thatís how today we have day and night and how lunar and solar eclipse was formed