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Pluto Possession

By: Jorge V.
Colombia, Age 13

Once upon a time, in the Olympus the gods were in a discussion. The discussion was about, who the owner of Pluto Planet will be. The gods wanted Pluto Planet, because it was a planet and because the price in the Olympus was very high. Zeus was a fan of soccer, so soccer came to his mind.

It was a weekend, and Zeus was looking the game of Barcelona. At the moment when Zeus was looking the soccer game, came to his mind. He wanted to do a soccer game. He made teams. Poseidon and Hades were the betters; however; they were the captains. He decided that the team, who won, will be the owner of Pluto. Zeus told Hermes, to tell to the gods to go to the Olympus in two days.
Two days later, all the gods were in the Olympus. Zeus told the gods, who were the captains. Zeus directions were that the gods that wanted to play; needed to write their names in a piece of paper. Zeus divided the gods in teams, and told Hermes to tell the gods, that in two days at 5:30 p.m, they needed to go to the space.
Two days later, all the gods were in the field at the space. The field was a type of stadium, with creatures of all around the galaxy as spectators. The team of Hades was called, The Galactics. The team of Poseidon was called, The Stars of the Ocean.
All the gods that were going to play, were in the field ready to play. Zeus came to the field, and made the Planet Earth as the ball.
“The game started, The Stars of the Ocean have the ball,” said the commentary.
“A pass to Poseidon and he shots, and Hermes the goalkeeper grab the ball,” added the commentary.
“Is a FREEKICK!! Poseidon is the best at free kicks. He shots, and OHHH THE POST!!!,” yelled the commentary.
“The first half is over, and the second half started. The Stars of the Ocean have all control,” said the commentary.
At the minute seventy-six Poseidon had a free kick. In that moment Poseidon didn’t hear anything, it was just him and the ball.
“He shot it, and OHHH WHATT A WONDERFUL GOAL!!!,” the commentary yelled.
Finally, the Stars of the Ocean won the game. Zeus was happy, but he saw that the Earth was a mess. It was like the end of the world. He didn’t knew what caused that terrible thing. He thought and thought, until he knew that what caused that mess was earthquakes. And what caused the Earthquakes were the gods kicking the Planet Earth. So he made all normally.