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''The Origin Of Rain''

By: Alejandro M.
Colombia, Age 13

It was a very sunny day on cloudy land late in the morning and hot. The god of clouds named Oberon, waked up, he was very furious because it was very hot and there was a lot of sun.

Oberon ordered to his peasants to bring someone to him that could bring water to him from the oceans, and pour it on his kingdom on the clouds. Peasants were some guys who worked and served to the gods. The peasants suddenly went down to the earth to search for someone who could bring water.

The search lasted for days, until one day the peasants appeared to their god on the clouds.

“Did you found him?” Asked Oberon

“Yes dear god” said the peasants

“Bring it to me”, said Oberon

The peasants went somewhere on the clouds and bring it to Oberon.
“Who’s that?” asked Oberon

“Dear god, this is the god of oceans Poseidon, he promised us he will bring water from his oceans whenever you wished”, said a peasant.

Suddenly the god ordered Poseidon to bring him water from his oceans. All the days Poseidon needed to bring water from the seas, and pour it on Oberon and all his kingdom. This made the water trespass the clouds, and made the water come back to the oceans, rivers, lakes, and lands of earth. Until one day Poseidon was bored of bringing water to Cloudy Land. So Oberon called one day Poseidon to bring him water, but when Poseidon arrived he told to Oberon he didn’t wanted to bring water to Oberon’s kingdom. In that moment it formed a big fight between Poseidon and Oberon with thunders and lots of rains, Poseidon throw with his magical hands to the kingdom.

Every time Poseidon doesn’t wants to bring water to Oberon’s kingdom, Oberon becomes furious and throws thunders and lots of rains with his magical hands, and makes the clouds to release all the waters and thunders above earth.